Dominion Tournaments

dominion tournamentsLooking to up the ante?  You can play solitaire all day long, but it just doesn’t get the juices flowing, now does it?  The more pressure you have, the more adrenaline you release.  The more adrenaline you have coursing through your veins, the more you feel a win.  When you think you have your opponent on the ropes, and your heart is hammering so hard you think your carotid artery might explode out of your neck, THAT is when winning matters.  That is when the dopamine release slams home euphoria as you hold off a surging opponent to take the winning Victory Points (or snatch victory from him just in the nick of time!).  Ah, yes, there isn’t anything quite like winning a Dominion tournament – a game where it means something to take home the victory.

This page is devoted to helping people get plugged in locally or nationally or globally with either live-action or online Dominion tournaments and Dominion leagues.  If you know of any other upcoming Dominion tournaments or active Dominion leagues anywhere in the world, leave a comment below, and this page will be updated to include them.

Dominion Tournaments

PAX PrimeSeattle, Washington. United States.Aug 31 - Sep 2, 2012Friday Qualifier: 12-2pm
Saturday Qualifier: 4-6pm
Sunday Finals: 2-5pm
One of the biggest gaming conventions anywhere.
Gen Con IndyIndianapolis, Indiana. United States.Aug 16 - Aug 19, 2012VariesHosting the Dominion World Championships. Enormous gaming convention.
MichiConRochester, Michigan. United States.Jun 23, 201212pmQualifier for Dominion World Championships. Will be held in the Oakland Center at Oakland University.
PAX EastBoston, Massachusetts. United States.Apr 6 - Apr 8, 2012VariesOne of the biggest gaming conventions anywhere.


Dominion Leagues



Dominion Tournaments & Leagues: Conclusion

It would be a good idea to play more than a few games prior to entering a Dominion league (and maybe a tournament also).  But, once you have some experience under your belt, you will probably be able to hold your own.  In fact, even if you get thoroughly thrashed, no one will be holding back in an officially-sanctioned Dominion tournament, so you will get to see the best strategies played out in real time.  And, a thorough whipping teaches lessons one is not likely to soon forget.

So, get plugged into a community or start your own!  Who knows, maybe you will be the World Master Dominion Champion crowned at Gen Con.  Talk about adrenaline surges and dopamine rushes!  And, don’t forget that will be sponsoring online tournaments periodically with cash prizes (the revenue generated from advertising will be used as prize money!).  Good luck, and happy gaming!

For updates on matters related to Dominion tournaments and leagues, see the Dominion Tournaments & Leagues post listing, which is updated automatically when new information is added.

2 comments to Dominion Tournaments

  • John Bodimer

    I am interested in starting a Dominion tournament in Indianapolis, possibly turning into a league, but I cannot find official rules for tournaments/leagues and almost all posts pertaining to such are over 1 year old (some much older). Is one ‘locked in’ to a certain way to hold torunaments or establish leagues? I ask because I have any easy solution for tournaments. Everyone seems to be going for a point system based on wins/losses/etc. I forsee a ‘Swiss’ system (non-elimination) where everyone plays each pre-defined Kingdom one time each against different opponents in each Kingdom, keeping track of each player’s total Victory Points for the entire tournmanet. The player with the highest total at the end of the tournament is the victor. In the event of a tie for first place, those players would randomly choose a card from a pre-determined pile of 7 Randomizer Cards (each with a different cost). The player who chooses the highest card would then be the winner. In a League the points would accumulate over the course of the season with the player having the highest total being the League Champion. In the event of a tie for first place in a League, those players would fight one-on-one in a final pre-defined Kingdom usiing 1 card from each set and 1 promo card (Black Market excluded).

    There are those who will argue this would cause a ‘runaway’ over the course of a season (or even in a single tournament). I must disagree. Strategy dictates if a player is starting to ‘runaway’ at a table the other players should deplete 3 piles and end the game in order to ‘stop the bleeding’ and have a chance to catch up with points from the other Kingdoms.

    There is a card shop in Indianapolis, Indiana (Westside) that can be used to hold the tournaments.

    I would appreciate if anyone can share an active link to official rules for tournaments and leagues.

    If anyone is interested in playing in Indianapolis, Indiana fell free to respond as I will be monitoring this daily from now on. – JEB

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  • George Plimpton


    The total Victory Points approach has flaws and allows for collusion between players. The best (not perfect) approach is to have a 1/2/3(/4) point system based on the number of Victory Points in a given round. In a three-man match (preferred setup), the winner takes 3 points, 2nd place receives 2 points and third gets 1 point. In the event of a tie, the points for position are added together, then divided by the number of players in the tie – Say a three-player table has two players with 27VP and one player with 16VP. The 27VP players tie for first place but take the first AND second places. You add 3(1st) + 2(2nd) and get 5. The result (5) is then divided by 2 (the number whom tied) and get 2.5. Those two players receive 2.5 points each and the third player receives 1 point. If you switch that and have one player with 27VP and two with 16VP, the 27VP(1st) player receives 3 points and the two 16VP(2nd&3rd) players receive 1.5 points each (1+2=3 3/2 = 1.5). This is modified accordingly if dealing with four-player kingdoms. This will work in Swiss or Elimination, but Elimination will sometimes result in BYEs. In the event of a BYE, the BYE player receives 2 points in a three-man kingdom (3+2+1=6 6/3=2) or 2.5 points in a four-player kingdom (4+3+2+1=10 10/4=2.5). No points are involved in a two-man kingdom as this would be the final match in an Elimination tournament, whereas the exact same number of players remain from start to finish in Swiss. There are no ‘official’ rules, but this system is preferred by players. I don’t live anywhere near Indianapolis, unfortunately, so will not be able to whoop up on you (jk, LOL), but would be glad to help out with info if I can. Respond here. I’ll check it from time to time. Side-note: Here in Nevada the game has really lost momemtum and it is harder and harder to find players who stick with the game. I am at a loss to explain this because once you have Dominion cards, you don’t need to buy anymore versus games like Magic the Gathering where you have to constantly buy new cards (parents with money?). I have been playing for 2 years and have taught many people to play, but all in all only two (my best friends) have stuck with it. Good luck to you in getting started, but your REAL challenge is going to be keeping it going.

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