Original Dominion Card List

original dominionThe original Dominion game was the trickle that turned into a flood.  There are now countless devoted fans of the game.  Since it burst onto the scene in 2008, the original Dominion game has been expanded, improved, and elevated to even more profound heights of gaming excellence.  The online iterations of the game have become a daily stopping point for many enthusiasts on Isotropic.

Even so, most people still are introduced to the game in the physical home of a friend who sets up the Dominion board on a good, old-fashioned table.  Since experience counts, the newcomers are usually bested.  But, along with the humility planted by a thorough thrashing, the seeds of love for the game are also planted.  So, if you have landed here looking for the original Dominion card list to help with your pursuit of a winning game strategy, you are in luck!  That is what you’ll find here, and this entire site is devoted to all things Dominion.

Original Dominion Cards

In the table below, you will find the data you need to learn about the original Dominion game cards.  This site is updated regularly with strategy posts and other helpful information.  As information specific to the cards below is added, the name of the card will be linked so that clicking on the name of the card will take you to more detailed strategy regarding how to deploy that card effectively during game play.  Also, larger Dominion card images can be viewed by clicking the icon for each card in the table.  The table is sortable as well; just click the header to sort the table by that column, either ascending or descending.

Original Dominion Cards List

CardCostCard TypeFunction / RulesImage
Cellar$2Action+1 Action, Discard any number of cards. +1 Card per card discarded.original dominion card list
Chapel$2ActionTrash up to 4 cards from your hand.original dominion cards list
Moat$2Action - Reaction+2 Cards, When another player plays an Attack card, you may reveal this from your hand. If you do, you are unaffected by that Attack.original dominion cards
Chancellor$3Action+2 Coins, You may immediately put your deck into your discard pile.original dominion card
Village$3Action+1 Card, +2 Actions.base dominion cards
Woodcutter$3Action+1 Buy, +2 Coins.base dominion card
Workshop$3ActionGain a card costing up to 4 Coins.base dominion cards list
Bureaucrat$4Action - AttackGain a silver card; put it on top of your deck. Each other player reveals a Victory card from his hand and puts it on his deck (or reveals a hand with no Victory cards).base dominion card list
Feast$4ActionTrash this card. Gain a card costing up to 5 Coins.dominion card
Gardens$4VictoryWorth 1 Victory for every 10 cards in your deck (rounded down).dominion cards
Militia$4Action - Attack+2 Coins, Each other player discards down to 3 cards in his hand.original dominion game card
Moneylender$4ActionTrash a Copper from your hand. If you do, +3 Coins.original dominion game cards
Remodel$4ActionTrash a card from your hand. Gain a card costing up to 2 Coins more than the trashed card.original dominion game
Smithy$4Action+3 Cards.dominion card images
Spy$4Action - Attack+1 Card, +1 Action, Each player (including you) reveals the top card of his deck and either discards it or puts it back, your chouce.card images
Thief$4Action - AttackEach other player reveals the top 2 cards of his deck. If they revealed any Treasure cards, they trash one of them that you choose. You may gain any or all of these trashed cards. They discard the other revealed cards.dominion card images
Throne Room$4ActionChoose an Action card in your hand. Play it twice.dominion base game
Council Room$5Action+4 Cards, +1 Buy, Each other player draws a card.how to play dominion
Festival$5Action+2 Actions, +1 Buy, +2 Coins.dominion strategy
Laboratory$5Action+2 Cards, +1 Action.laboratory card
Library$5ActionDraw until you have 7 cards in hand. You may set aside any Action cards drawn this way, as you draw them; discard the set aside cards after you finish drawing.card images
Market$5Action+1 Card, +1 Action, +1 Buy, +1 Coin.cards list
Mine$5ActionTrash a Treasure card from your hand. Gain a Treasure card costing up to 3 Coins more; put it into your hand.card list
Witch$5Action - Attack+2 Cards, Each other player gains a Curse card.dominion cards
Adventurer$6ActionReveal cards from your deck until you reveal 2 Treasure cards. Put those Treasure cards in your hand and discard the other revealed cards.list of dominion cards
Copper$0Treasure+1 Coins.dominion strategy
Silver$3Treasure+2 Coins.silver treasure
Gold$6Treasure+3 Coins.gold treasure
Estate$2Victory+1 Victory Points.estate victory
Duchy$5Victory+3 Victory Points.duchy victory
Province$8Victory+6 Victory Points.province victory
Curse$0Curse-1 Victory Points.curse

Original Dominion Card List: Conclusion

The Dominion Base game features cards that demonstrate all of the basic concepts in the game.  If you have landed here as someone new to the game, be sure to check out the primer on How to Play Dominion.  As new strategy articles are written, they will appear in the Dominion Strategy section.  But, don’t get caught up too much in the minutia – keep playing and having fun!

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