How to Play Dominion

how to play dominionWelcome to Dominion Game .Info!  This is the one-stop information shop and portal for everything related to the game.  No time needs to be wasted getting right to the basics of how to play Dominion, excel at the game, and smash your opponents (politely, of course!).  So, let us begin.  If you are new to the game, walk through the 7 steps below one by one.  They will give you the information you need build a solid foundation of understanding so that your skill can improve rapidly.

How to Play Dominion – First…

Buy the game!  At this point, multiple stand-alone games and expansions have been released.  Should you start with the Dominion base game or Dominion Intrigue?  Which expansions should be purchased first?  Well, those questions are very important and need to be addressed prior to moving along.  So, before delving deeper and reading further, read this for guidance: Buy Dominion.

How to Play Dominion – Second…

After you’ve purchased the game, you have to understand its fundamentals.  Every game has principles or rules that govern play.  Familiarity with and knowledge of the game mechanisms are truly the most important aspect of learning how to play Dominion.  While these details may not be as fascinating as reading the myriads of artful cards in your box, sitting down to understand the rules and flow of the game makes it vastly more fun and speeds up the process of getting to play meaningful games.  So, click here to learn the basics of the Dominion Card Game.

How to Play Dominion – Third…

how to play dominion boardOnce you understand game play, it is time to begin playing!  Call some friends and pull out your game.  Clear off the table (or other playing surface), put on your game face, and get ready to rumble.  The surface upon which your cards rest I refer to as the Dominion board, along with the cards.  It should be carefully scrutinized before playing your first Copper card.  Review this to understand how to survey and analyze the Dominion Board.

How to Play Dominion – Fourth…

Once you have surveyed and analyzed the Dominion board, it is time for the battle of minds to begin.  To rise to upper echelon of Dominion players, you must understand how to maximize and utilize the attributes of each card to the fullest possible synergistic effect with the other available cards.  This next step deals with how to play Dominion, the base game.  While there is much more to learn, most will come later.  Learning how to play Dominion begins in earnest by delving into Basic Dominion Strategy.

How to Play Dominion – Fifth…

Eventually, most Dominion aficionados expand their horizons by expanding their game options by buying Dominion expansions.  Each expansion brings more Kingdom Cards into play, and the cards are central to every strategy.  So, before strategies can be implemented, the cards must be familiar.  Use this database to investigate, study, and learn about usage and strategy: Dominion Cards.

How to Play Dominion – Sixth…

Once you’ve learned about the applicable cards in your Dominion game, it is time to move on to more advanced Dominion Strategy.

Keep Playing Dominion & Learning – Seventh…

Practice makes perfect, and one should never stop learning in order to be the best possible Dominion game player.  When you’ve played at home and familiarized yourself with the cards, you can compete with the best in the world by clicking the “Play Online” menu option at the top of the page.  And, be sure to bookmark this page and come back regularly as articles will be posted below this one on a regular basis.

Playing Dominion: Conclusion

playing dominion strategyThere are millions of possible card combinations if all of the Dominion games and expansions are considered.  For the thinking individual, this makes Dominion an exciting and challenging game every time it is played.  The mental challenge of planning one’s strategy combined with the external challenge of implementing the strategy to best a real opponent makes Dominion worthy of the many awards it has won.  And, it makes it worthy of further, extended study in order to truly excel.  So, keep learning, playing, and enjoying the game.  This site exists to help you on your journey to becoming a Dominionologist!

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